Rangaraj Tirumala

Rangaraj Tirumala:

Ranga is a student, researcher, techie, designer, dancer, and aspiring entrepreneur. Currently a Junior at Rutgers University, he is double majoring in Cognitive Science and Philosophy, minoring in Entrepreneurship. With a background in computer science, he hopes he can use his skills to work on the forefront of technology and design to create user focused experiences. In his spare time Ranga is a Bharatanatyam dance teacher and performer who hopes to influence the lives of many students. As a student, Ranga is also an active participant in the Cognitive Science Club at Rutgers where he wears many hats and is the social media/alumni relations chair on the Executive Board. He is also currently an affiliated research assistant at the Center for Cognitive Science (RUCCS) and is working in Dr. Krysten Syrett linguistics lab. Ranga loves music and his current favorite artist is Mura Masa! check out my Spotify playlist!